International Folk Art Market

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The World’s Most Colorful Marketplace The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market returns this week to Santa Fe.   I always enjoy strolling through this festive marketplace.  Maybe we can’t all travel around the world, but at the Market you … Continue reading

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Art & Healing

Dale Chihuly glass sculpture

This is just a portion of the magnificent glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly

I was fortunate to recently visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. for a consultation.  The visit was excellent.  The doctors advised me not to have a surgery, which was recommended by another doctor.

A real highlight of the trip was going on the art tour at the clinic.  Music and art are part of the philosophy at Mayo Clinic.  One of the largest Dale Chihuly glass installations in the country was one of the highlights of the tour.  The work changes throughout the day as the light changes.

Piano concerts fill the atrium every day.  While we saw a lot of sick people traveling through the halls, it is a place of inspiration and hope.

I pray that many others will have such a positive outcome as I did on my visit.

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True multi-instrumentalists!

Round Mountain are two talented brothers, Robby and Char Rothschild, from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  These two are incredibly talented entertainers.  People, however, don’t believe me when I say that Char can play two instruments at once. So I’m sharing this video. You can read more about them here. Thanks to Round Mountain for permission to post this video. They will perform on Dec. 15 at Santa Fe Gig.  Click here for Gig’s schedule.

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Glorious cottonwoods

golden cottonwood tree

The golden leaves of the cottonwood glisten in the New Mexico sun.

I love the cottonwoods in New Mexico.  After most of the other leaves have fallen off the trees, the golden cottonwood leaves appear.  The Spanish word for cottonwoods is alamo. We have several cities that are named for these stately trees including Los Alamos and Alamogordo.

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Pumpkin-carving contest


carved pumpkin

This was one of the fun entries in the SFCC pumpkin-carving contest.


Halloween was fun at the Santa Fe Community College. Kids got to get treats at a variety of offices.  They also had a pumkin-carving contest.


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Send in the Clowns

"singing clowns"

The Merry Melody Makers stop for a photo after a singing gig at Sierra Vista. From left to right: Bettina Milliken, Ken King, Judy Henry, Nancy Ruiz, Emily Drabanski and Chantal Quincy.

For the past three years, I’ve been singing with the Merry Melody Makers. We dress like clowns and sing classic old songs that residents at the nursing homes might know. This past Monday we sang at Santa Fe Cares. Most of the clowns are also members of the Santa Fe Symphony Chorus. The group was founded and inspired by Bettina Milliken, who has been clowning in the nursing homes for more than 17 years.

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Season for Sneezin’

small yellow flowers

These flowers are making me sneeze this fall.

I love the look of the beautiful yellow daisies that cover the landscape in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  But I’m one of the many who is allergic to these pollinating flowers.  But I do love the fall here.  What I do love about the fall in the Southwest? I love the following:

  • aspens
  • purple asters
  • chamisa
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